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Discover how storytelling works and what it can mean for you

Storytelling People records the corporate story and brings it to life with storytelling and community building

Why storytelling scans?

You lead a large organisation. The work is challenging and demanding. Sometimes you need to reflect. Which direction do you want your organisation to go in? How are you going to tackle the storytelling matters? You first want to explore how storytelling works and what it can mean for you. The storytelling scans help you focus.

Our storytelling scans are a quick and inexpensive way to gain clarity and direction. They gave you a clear picture of the road you want to follow and the steps you want to take during the storytelling journey:

  • Implementation scan
  • Story scan
  • Culture scan
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Implementation scan

Connection as a process

The storytelling implementation scan takes place in a unique 3 hour session. The strength of the session is the interaction between the participants. It also allows you to experience the power of storytelling immediately. More than anything, however, the session is an opportunity for us to work with you to create a concrete storytelling plan. Which essential storytelling process steps do you have to take in order to achieve your strategic goals? Whether this means marketing, communication or HR, the implementation scan provides you with an inspiring roadmap for success.

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Story scan

Clarity to the core

The story scan includes an analysis of 10 pages of your current corporate story. We throw light on all communication channels, both offline and online, which you use to tell your story. In a structured manner you are presented with the strengths and weaknesses of your story, accompanied by a number of powerful recommendations for storytelling improvements. This scan is valuable and important in terms of overview, insight and direction. It forms the ideal starting point from which to continue strengthening your story.

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Culture scan

Blueprint for leadership

The Culture scan gives you valuable insight, via an efficient online system, into the most important cultural aspects. It provides immediate clarity regarding whether the existing culture matches the desired identity. The analysis provides a basis for further storytelling with a view to change, story and/or leadership. After all, storytelling is an essential quality for leaders and encourages them to ask the question: to what extent are you able to have your employees believe in a beckoning future vision of the organisation, to connect them to that vision and activate them for it?

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Storytelling scans are a quick and inexpensive way to gain clarity and direction. Request a scan today so that you too can create clarity for the future of your story.

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