3 Examples of successful brand storytelling

3 Voorbeelden van succesvolle brand storytelling

Brand storytelling is the buzzword in today's marketing and communication landscape. In practice, however, very little of the content published today meets the criteria of a story, of a story. This is because important facets of a story are missing, or simply because they are not captivating and binding.

3 examples of good brand storytelling

Fortunately, there are gems to be found - nationally and internationally - that do breathe the skills of storytelling in everything. So what could be more contagious to show a few beautiful and above all good examples? Here are some of the best fire storytelling examples I've ever seen and which touched me immediately.

Let's Build - Lego

Who hasn't ever played with Lego? 'Let's Build' is about a father and his son. At least, for the adult viewer. For the young viewer, the commercial is about a son and his father. Together they build the most fantastic skyscraper and with every next Lego toe laid, their relationship becomes closer. Is Lego a child's toy, a tool to build a better family life or both? It is entirely up to you to judge.

Epiloque – Volvo

Where one story ends, another begins. In the summer of 2016, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Sweden's best football player ever, announced his farewell to the national team. Volvo jumped in with a beautifully filmed commercial about Zlatan and his family's journey back to Malmö, his hometown. Sometimes words are superfluous. Family, security, love, safety, adventure... let the images do their work and enjoy the fantastic music of Hans Zimmer.

Reunion – Google

A great example of how a brand can rise above itself. The commercial is about an old man who tells his granddaughter about his childhood friend. As a result of the division of the British East Indies into India and Pakistan in 1947, the childhood friends lost sight of each other, much to the old man's dismay. Inspired by his memories, the granddaughter made every effort to reunite the friends. Finally, judge for yourself. In any case, this beautiful Google story touched me right in the heart.

6 lessons for brand storytelling

3 Voorbeelden van succesvolle brand storytelling

These lessons from these great brand storytelling examples are:

  • Real stories have heroes and characters with unfulfilled desires
  • Be. Always. Honestly
  • Know what's going on with your readers or viewers
  • Ask yourself if you would be interested in your story
  • Keep it simple, you have to be able to describe a story in one line
  • And the most important: touch the heart. When people become emotionally connected to your story, they want to be a part of it. Maybe that's the highest achievable for a brand, product or service.

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