Corporate story FrieslandCampina

Storytelling People records the corporate story and brings it to life with storytelling and community building



The corporate story for FrieslandCampina / Domo starts with the Why: 'Our Why is the underlying motive that makes our life meaningful. It is the bridge between all those different departments within our organization and the connection to our customers and suppliers. Our Why is the point on the horizon during our joint journey: ensuring that our product comes as close as possible to breast milk?'


FrieslandCampina / Domo is a world-leading manufacturer of infant nutrition and medical nutrition. The organization has deliberately made the step towards the ultimate quality increase: the inspiration of the organization with one common story. The corporate story records the organisation’s Personality, Positioning and Perspective.


We also see a corporate story as a connection between rational and emotional communication. Storytelling is communication that focuses on contact and feeling. In the corporate story of FrieslandCampina / Domo, it becomes clear that a can of milk powder is more than a product. At the moment that you, as a mother, are making a bottle for your child in the middle of the night, you realize that the quality of what you put in the bottle has to be completely safe and healthy.