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Reputation is important to NS. Although there are visions, core values, slogans and publicity, there was no connecting we-story. With 1.1 million passengers a day, the Netherlands is the busiest railway network in Europe. NS wants to be more than just a transport company and wants to create a profile for itself as a service provider and cornerstone of society. The challenge was to communicate the distinctive capacity of NS as a service provider in such a way as to enhance its reputation. The result is the Progress corporate story.


Successful businesses communicate on the basis of a clear ‘Why’. Why are we on this planet and what connects us? Unity of identity and ambition is important in this day and age. This not only means that all noses have to be pointed in the right direction, but also that there is a willingness actually to put this into practice. The Progress corporate story is a long-term roadmap for the future of NS. The great power of Progress as NS is the story that it has not been thought up, invented or dragged along kicking and screaming. It is authentic. It is a story for all times. It is what drives NS.

The future

The Progress corporate story gives NS a clear dot on the horizon: to grow to become the best railway company in Europe. Although this is a bold statement, there is no reason not to make it. The organisation has plenty of flexibility, knowledge, talent and skill to take significant steps forward. The people at NS are all part of something substantial and huge, with a clear goal which is truly useful to employees and customers. Imagine being asked as an NS employee: ‘So what makes you jump out of bed enthusiastically every morning?’ And then being able to answer: I’m working on progress.

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Corporate story NS: Progress

Dutch Railways (NS) has contributed to the development and prosperity of the Netherlands and its residents. Progress is in the genes of NS, it is the DNA of NS. And it is the story of NS.