Storytelling workshops

Connecting people and sharing stories

Storytelling People records the corporate story and brings it to life with storytelling and community building

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Storytelling vision

No matter how rational an attitude we sometimes adopt, eventually we all like to be carried along by an overwhelming story. This is challenging, primarily because a lot of corporate, company and organisation stories generally have commercial, purely rational content. The essential core question for the use of storytelling: Why, to whom and how do you want to communicate storytelling? It is on this basis that we create an inspiring storytelling vision for your organisation.

Connecting people

Storytelling workshops establish contact between the organisation story and the people who play a role in that story. Not by sending, but by involving. With corporate storytelling you incorporate human feelings, experiences and knowledge into the corporate story. Storytelling workshops are ideal for embedding complex messages within an organisation. The interactive character involves people in the content and gives them an active role in the story.

Spread the story

The world is wide open to interactive storytelling. With the right storytelling content strategy we can ensure that your corporate story comes to life in 1,000 and more stories. We record story formats using ‘story-boxes’ and make sure that your story continues to be recognisable. The OneStory® CommunityApp allows you to open your own channel of communication to spread your corporate story. This will help you turn people into new fans.


Storytelling workshops

People connect most readily to people and stories which affect them emotionally. Every storytelling workshop offers a perfect balance between practical-targeted and connecting-inspirational. Our workshop trainers are leaders in their specialist storytelling field.

For more information about our full program storytelling workshops:

Core story workshop

Storytelling and communication

You want a clear story to lead your organisation into the future. You want your identity to be reduced to a connecting we-story. Clear, powerful and communicative. This storytelling workshop leads to the core of your brand and ambition.

Leadership story

Storytelling workshop for leaders

A leader who uses storytelling will increase his impact on the organisation. This storytelling workshop focuses on leadership and the story. Managers, story leaders, bring the organisation’s dream to life.

Organisation story

Storytelling workshop for change

You want to connect your organisation to the core story and bring values and ambitions to life. Success within organisations is founded on the feeling of connectedness. This storytelling workshop inspires employees to change.

Client story

Storytelling workshop for sales

The best corporate story is the story that customers also want to share. How do you reach your customers with your story? Start with trust: winners have a story. In this storytelling workshop you learn how your story touches your customer’s the heart and head.