OneStory® App

Create online connection and storytelling impact

Storytelling People records the corporate story and brings it to life with storytelling and community building

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The product

The CommunityApp offers companies and organisations a new way of involving people in their story, products and services. The CommunityApp builds on a shared we-story and also paves the way for personal communication.

This is the content age. Advertising is an instrument has lost all its focused power due to the explosive growth of the online world. Everything can be experienced individually. People are looking for truth, authenticity – a story to share with each other. A story like this cannot come from above, but only from the inside: turn your brand into a community!

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The method

Our strength is that, in addition to technology, we can also develop your corporate story and content. The ‘motor’ behind the CommunityApp works like an interactive story platform that internally and externally connects the corporate story to people. People who trust, become customers, fans and also ambassadors. This is how the community grows and, with that, success.

  • Revolution in connecting people.
  • Individual multichannel, multiscreen community & communication platform.
  • Continual control of the correct storytelling content.
  • Selective and personal: the right message for the right person.
  • More effective and more cost efficient than any other medium.

The result

The OneStory® App makes it easier to build on relationships. It keeps the corporate story to be told intact and controlled. It inspires people to engage in interactive conversation. It makes things transparent. It reflects authentic involvement. The OneStory® CommunityApp brings everyone together in one large ‘we-story’: your own corporate story communication channel.

  • You turn your brand into a community: you make your corporate story personal.
  • You connect employees and customers with storytelling: you create ambassadors.
  • You bring all communication together on a single communication platform: you communicate more efficiently.
  • You open a new and exclusive communication channel: you communicate interactively.

Online storytelling

The corporate story is the fuel for stories that people share in a vibrant corporate community. Storytelling People sees community building as making your business story personal. Storytelling focuses on dialogue and interactivity and is therefore very effective in community building.

The CommunityApp is built around a digital communication platform. It's storytelling that provides the stories that employees and customers want to share.