Corporate story

Building an inspiring we-story

Storytelling People records the corporate story and brings it to life with storytelling and community building

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The product

The question is who we are, what we stand for and where we want to go? We record the core story of an organisation in a corporate story.

We record the Why-How-What and we connect that with the Personality, Positioning and Perspective of your organisation. A story that is supported by everyone has a binding effect. It creates unity of action between management and employees.

The method

Our OneStory® process creates consistent connections between people, brand and organisation. We work from the inside out. We look for the essence in your story: mission & vision, corporate DNA and the Why. We translate that core into a communicative core concept and describe it in a corporate story. We use corporate storytelling to bring the corporate story to life in substories for Leadership, Organisation, Brand and Sales.

The result

The corporate story is the ultimate organisation connector. Corporate storytelling brings the story to life in the heads and hearts of employees and customers. The social meaning of your business becomes visible and tangible. It enables your employees to identify with your corporate story. Your business contacts know what they can count on. Building on trust will bring the reward of an ever stronger reputation, a higher favourability factor and increasing popularity.


Corporate story

The corporate story is an organisation’s shared story. It is also a roadmap for the future – and with that a ‘manifesto of success’. Your corporate story offers four essential solutions: for communication, organisation, customers and for your community.

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You create clarity within your communication, as well as a powerful identity. It is the blueprint for the building of a single story.


You get your organisation moving. Managers grow as leaders. Employees become ambassadors of the story.


You have a clear picture of your customers and the opportunities in the market. Customer stories provide dialogue and experiences.


The OneStory® CommunityApp enables you to connect people, brand and the organisation into a single story online as well.