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Storytelling People records the corporate story and brings it to life with storytelling and community building

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Connecting people

More than ever before, people are the focus within organisations which truly want to engage in sustainable business. There is only one way that is sustainable and that is the people way, based on a turnaround in thinking and space for new creativity and ambitions. A sustainable business is driven by employees who act on the basis of deeper values. Sustainable organisations create employees who live the organisation’s story and values. As far as storytelling is concerned, sustainability means asking how we connect people in a story for the future?


The challenge facing businesses is much more complex than many originally thought. The big question is how do we achieve a sustainable world with a world population that is growing and consuming more than the earth can provide?
The inspiring thing is that the sustainable story can actually be a source of innovation for further growth. In a corporate story for a global family business we integrated growth, change and sustainability to form an ambitious, new challenge, namely to create a better world for everyone.

The future

Contributing to a better world is an inspiring activity. The success of a sustainability story is determined by the way in which leadership, culture and core values are experienced within the business as the organisation’s ultimate dream. The essential ‘Why’ question is: Why are we on this planet and what are we doing to make the world more sustainable? This not only requires factual stories about sustainability, but also inspiring stories told ‘from the heart’. Sustainable stories which give meaning to ‘the soul’ and the future of the business.