Typical Sligro

Corporate story SligroStorytelling People records the corporate story and brings it to life with storytelling and community building

Corporate DNA

A people company

Sligro is a people company, so who better to tell the story than those actually involved? The ‘Typical Sligro’ corporate story is a reflection of the people who have contributed and still contribute to the company. They speak out in 75 stories which provide an attractive picture of the daily practice and corporate soul of the organisation. People are connected through shared experiences, dreams and ambitions.

Corporate DNA

Cherishing a culture means embarking on a grand adventure. You start by searching for the roots of your organisation. Who are we? What makes us unique? What is our shared dream? The start of the DNA story was shared as a film with 175 energetic Sligro managers. The effect: together we are going to make Sligro even more personal and stronger because we have confidence in our shared future.


A strong Sligro culture creates a positive identity and makes people feel they belong! Culture is the deciding factor for successful cooperation between people and ensures that everyone is deeply involved.? The Sligro DNA was defined on the basis of 6 core values and communicated using storytelling. Fewer one-way notifications and more dialogue resulted in less modesty and more pride.